Our NFT collections are introducing new game mechanics along with numerous bonuses and advantages of owning NFTs. Check out all the benefits by using passive and active mechanics.

It's important that you choose the right way of using our NFTs according to the goals you'd like to achieve. Currently there are two mining styles:

You can always change your mining style and try different ways of getting BTC rewards. To learn more about pros and cons of each mining style, check out the pages below:

1. How often are NFT rewards credited?

Rewards are credited once a day from 06:00 to 18:00 GMT.

2. What does the reward amount depend on in general?

The main thing affecting the size of rewards is the complexity of the Bitcoin network, which itself is affected by the amount of power simultaneously involved in mining.

Moreover, the amount of reward depends on the current BTC price, because we deduct service fees (C1 and C2) in BTC.

3. Why do I have to pay for maintenance?

As you know, each NFT from our collections is supported by the power of a real fleet of devices. This is what allows our digital miners to mine bitcoins for you.

When buying NFT, you are purchasing a portion of existing ASICs, each one of which requires maintenance. Our service center does it 24/7 on its own, and you are only required to pay a fee daily.

It’s important to note that the prices we offer for this service are much lower than market prices, and the quality is much higher.

4. How are the electricity costs calculated?

The electricity costs (С1) for each NFT in the collection are calculated using the following formula:

C1 = (kWh cost * 24) / 1000 / BTC course in USD * energy efficiency * computing power


  • kWh cost (kilowatt-hour cost) is the electricity cost per kWh per hour in our data center. Our electricity prices range from $0.05 to $0.07.

  • BTC course in USD is the current price of BTC in USD.

  • Energy efficiency is how many watt per TH the miner is using to fully operate, measured in W/TH.

  • Computing power shows the average hashrate of the miner measured in TH/s.

You choose the energy efficiency and computing power of the NFT yourself.

5. How are the service costs calculated?

The service costs (С2) for each NFT in the collection are calculated using the following formula:

C2 = 0.0089$ / BTC course in USD * computing power

The uptime of our devices is 99.8%. This high uptime is achieved due to the timely service and round-the-clock monitoring by our on-site technical support engineers.

Service is a calculated value. Based on statistics from past years, service charges for 1 TH per day is $0.0089. As with electricity, we will calculate the cost of service daily at the BTC rate at the time of payment.

The monthly cost of maintenance is calculated and approved for a period based on the results of an internal audit.

Learn more about reward calculations in our White Paper

6. Who pays transaction costs for transferring rewards?

Transaction costs are paid by the team. All payments from the pool come are commission-free.

Why so? We send 1 transaction to a huge number of wallets at once, so the commission per user is minimal, allowing us to ignore it.

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