Computing power

Computing power is one of the most important characteristics of our NFTs. If you've visited our NFT Marketplace, you've very likely come across it.
In general, computing power of a miner is amount of computational resources, typically measured in hashes per second (H/s), that a device or network is capable of contributing to the process of verifying and adding transactions to a blockchain.
NFT miners by GoMining, just like real ones, have computing power as they are backed up by the power of real miners in our data centers. Each of our NFTs is initially configured with computing power for mining.
The computing power of the NFTs by GoMining is measured in TeraHash/s (TH/s).
1 TH = 1000000000000 H
By purchasing an NFT from The Greedy Machines collection, the holder takes ownership of a portion of the computing power of our device fleet, which is already engaged in mining Bitcoin.
The computing power of each NFT will grow as real equipment is connected to the project's mining pool. The more computing power NFT has, the more rewards you will get in Solo mining mode and the more chance to win in Pool mining mode.
Also, the total computing power of all your NFTs determines your NFT game level, regardless of the game mode.
You can find the total computing power of all your NFTs in the My miners and NFT Game sections.
Another important characteristic of our NFTs is energy efficiency — learn more about it here.