Energy efficiency

The value of our NFTs is based not only on their computing power in TH, but also on their energy efficiency in W/TH.

Energy efficiency is the rational use of energy to provide a specified level of computing power.

More energy-efficient mining decreases the overall level of energy consumption and, as a result, reduces the negative impact of mining on the environment.

Our NFT miners, like real ones, use energy when mining. This is because the mining process takes place in a real blockchain network. That's why you pay electricity fees when you receive NFT rewards.

On our NFT Marketplace you can choose from NFT miners with different energy efficiencies:

  • AIR COOLING — 50 W/TH All current miners have this energy efficiency.

  • IMMERSION BATH — 35 W/TH These NFT miners are more energy efficient than those released earlier.

  • WATER COOLING — 25 W/TH These are the most energy-efficient miners in our NFT collection, your electricity fees will be the lowest.

Energy efficiency VS Electricity fee (C1)

The lower the W/TH of the NFT, the lower the C1 electricity fee, that's deducted from your rewards. And so the net reward is higher.

The cost of electricity is variable and depends on various factors. For calculations, we always take the average electricity cost for the project over the billing period. It ranges from $0.05 to $0.07 per 1 kW.

For example, the cost of electricity is $0.05 and your NFT is 8 TH. Then the electricity fee per day is:

  • (50 W/TH * 8 TH)/1000 * $0.05 = $0.02 — for NFT with energy efficiency 50 W/TH

  • (35 W/TH * 8 TH)/1000 * $0.05 = $0.014 — for NFT with energy efficiency 35 W/TH

  • (25 W/TH * 8 TH)/1000 * $0.05 = $0.01 — for NFT with energy efficiency 25 W/TH

Since the electricity is paid in USD and accruals from the pool are made in BTC, we recalculate the cost of electricity daily at the BTC rate at the time of payment.

NFT Miner upgrade

You can upgrade your NFT miner by boosting its energy efficiency.

The more energy-efficient the miner, the higher your rewards. That's because miners with higher energy efficiency require less electricity and have lower electricity fees.

To upgrade your miner, go to the NFT Miners section, select the NFT whose energy efficiency you want to increase, click on the triple dot icon on the miner's card, and select Energy efficiency.

Then choose the energy efficiency to which you want to upgrade the miner.

You can pay for the upgrade only with your GoMining virtual wallet. If necessary, add it or top up with GoMining tokens.

Then click "Pay". Your NFT miner's energy efficiency will be updated shortly.

Upgraded miners can be sold on the secondary market and upgraded again to maximum energy efficiency.

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