Buying and selling

1. Where can I buy NFTs?

We recommend you purchase NFTs on our marketplace — you can be sure we have the authentic ones.

2. Why is it better to buy NFTs on our marketplace?

  • You don't have to worry about their authenticity

  • They will automatically appear in your personal account, featuring the game elements right after the purchase

  • You get immediate customer support that guides you through the whole process

If you choose to purchase our NFTs on other marketplaces, be sure to check the smart contract address and network.

The Greedy Machines VOL_1 collection:

  • Ethereum network

  • Smart contract: 0x7B38780b57B31E5DD7c0F709FCEf3836D30F1425

The Greedy Machines VOL_2 collection:

  • Ethereum network

  • Smart contract: 0x0E71d89e7921a78569ecB882C044a0b21DF8307d

Khabib collection:

  • Ethereum network

  • Smart contract: 0x41dB27d0002fBb15cFdC466c1Bd0024aA12e2DAf

The East collection:

  • BSC network

  • Smart contract: 0xe91CD968e1cc1097b4F9528D02AbbCE2Fd810766

The North Collection:

  • BSC network

  • Smart contract: 0xC9a0fe1740dE0C1fFD4111F2737938a5c50E9c83

We constantly check the blockchain transactions so we won't miss your purchase. We also recheck the availability and ownership of each NFT before sending out rewards.

3. How can I buy NFTs?

You can buy NFTs by GoMining in your personal account on our NFT marketplace. Just follow the steps below.

Go to our NFT Marketplace

Log in to your GoMining personal account and open the NFT Marketplace section.

Choose currency

Select the currency in which you want to see prices: GOMINING or USDT.

Add NFTs to your shopping bag

Choose NFTs that suit you best and add them to your shopping bag. You can hold up to 10 NFTs at one time. To buy more, buy the NFTs already added to the bag first and then you can add another 10 NFTs.

Select the receiving wallet address

You'll receive purchased NFTs to the wallet you select here. It could be:

  • Ethereum wallet Only for NFTs issued in Ethereum network. If necessary, you can add it during the purchase.

  • BSC wallet Only for NFTs issued in BSC network. If necessary, you can add it during the purchase.

  • GoMining Virtual wallet Suitable for all NFTs. If you want to buy NFTs from 2 different networks at once, only the virtual wallet is available. You can send NFTs from this wallet to your Ethereum and BSC wallets at any time in the GOMINING wallets section.

Choose payment method

You can pay with GOMINING (ERC-20, BEP-20, and Virtual), USDT (ERC-20, BEP-20, TRC-20), BTC, Visa, MasterCard, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Binance Pay, and Coinbase. Payment methods may vary depending on your region.

Complete the payment

When you click pay, NFTs from your shopping bag are reserved by you so you've got 1 hour to complete the payment. If you don't, we cancel the reservation when the time is up.

Reservation reminder will appear on the NFT Marketplace and NFT Payment history pages.

  • If you choose to pay with fiat, like using a credit card or Apple Pay, just follow payment instructions on the screen

  • If you choose to pay with crypto, like BTC, USDT or GOMINING, you can check out the detailed instructions below

Select payment network (If you pay with crypto)

Select the network of your wallet address you want to pay from. It's okey if the payment network and wallet address differ from the receiving ones.

Send total amount to the indicated address

Log in to the wallet for which you've selected the network in the previous step. Send the exact amount to the wallet, which are indicated on the payment page.

All done!

Your NFTs will be stored in your receiving wallet outside of our service and in your personal account in the NFT Game section. Your rewards for owning purchased NFTs will be displayed in the NFT Rewards section.

You can also purchase our NFTs on public marketplaces, but we can't guarantee their authenticity.

4. Where else can I buy NFTs?

Individual NFTs from The Greedy Machines VOL_2 collection are available for purchase on Binance.

Here are the instructions on how to buy NFT on Binance.

5. Where can I sell NFTs?

You can sell the NFTs on any public NFT marketplace. Here are the instructions on how to sell NFT on Binance.

Also you can sell NFTs in your GoMining personal account in the Sell NFT section. They will be listed on our Secondary market.

6. Where can I find my NFTs?

You can find your NFTs:

  • In your GoMining personal account in the NFT Game section

  • In your MetaMask, Trust Wallet and any other wallets outside of our service that support ERC-721 and BEP-721 tokens

It's okay if the wallet creates several collections for your NFTs, since we have different smart contracts for each NFT collection.

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