Maintenance fees and discounts

1. Why are there maintenance fees?

As you know, each miner from our collections is supported by the power of a real fleet of devices. This is what allows our digital miners to mine bitcoins for you.

When buying a miner, you are purchasing a portion of existing ASICs, each one of which requires maintenance. Our service center does it 24/7 on its own, and you are only required to pay a fee daily.

It’s important to note that the prices we offer for this service are much lower than market prices, and the quality is much higher.

2. How do maintenance fees affect my rewards?

To calculate your daily net reward, we deduct the maintenace fees (electricity and equipment service) from your pool reward, taking into account all your maintenance discounts.

Overall, your daily mining reward is calculated as follows:

Net reward = Pool reward - ([Electricity + Service]*[100% - Discounts])

What do the maintenance discounts mean for you? You can get more net BTC rewards, while electricity and service fees are much lower.

3. What maintenance discounts are available?

Your total maintenance discount consists of 4 different discounts:

1. Level discount

It's based on your personal Mining farm level. Here is the list of all levels and their discounts.

Example: John owns 2 miners with a total power of 8 TH. His mining farm level is Hashboard M. The maintenance discount at this level is 0.6%. He needs 2 TH more to upgrade to the next level.

2. Service discount

When you click the "Service" button in your Mining farm, a 24-hour countdown starts. That is, the button can be clicked once a day.

The more days in a row you click the button, the higher your discount. For each day in a row, you get +0.3% discount. The maximum discount is 3% (10 consecutive clicks).

You should click the "Service" button every day between 00:00 and 00:00 UTC.

That is, if on the current day you clicked the button at 23:50 UTC, the next day you'll have only 10 minutes to click the button and save the discount.


John clicked the "Service" button on Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri and Sat. For Saturday's payout, John will receive a 1.2% discount because he has only clicked the button for 4 days in a row and has accumulated a 0.3% discount for each consecutive day.

3. Extra Solo mining discount

Only in Solo miner game mode. Not available during trial period.

All Solo miners have an additional discount on maintenance fees. You don't have to do anything to activate it.

4. Discount for maintenance with GOMINING

You can get an additional 10% discount on maintenance, if you pay for it using GOMINING tokens from your virtual wallet.

To start paying maintenance fees with GOMINING, just choose GOMINING as your preferred currency in the Reward settings under Rewards section.

To pay the maintenance fees in GOMINING you must have a virtual wallet with enough GOMINING on it. You can learn more about virtual wallet and how to top it up in this instruction.

If your virtual wallet does not have enough GOMINING on it to pay the maintenance fees, those fees are deducted in BTC, as they were before, and the discount doesn't work.

As soon as the virtual wallet has enough GOMINING, the 10% discount will resume.

To find out how many GOMINING you need to pay for maintenance:

  1. Go to the Rewards section

  2. Select "Show in GOMINING"

  3. In the Electricity and Service columns, see how much you pay on average

Example of how discounts work

Net reward = Pool reward - ([Electricity + Service]*[100% - Discounts])

For instance, you have 2.16 TH and you are a Solo miner. On 19/12/2023 you received:

63 Satoshis = (341 – [249 + 37]*[100% - 2,55% - 0,3%]), where:

  • 2,55% is Extra Solo mining discount

  • 0,3% is Level discount

But if you paid for the maintenance with GOMINING tokens and the previous 10 days clicked on the "Service" button, you could get:

101 Satoshis = (341 – [249 + 37]*[100% - 2,55% - 0,3% - 3% - 10%]), where:

  • 2,55% is Extra Solo mining discount

  • 0,3% is Level discount

  • 3% is Service discount

  • 10% is Discount for maintenance with GOMINING

The difference is clear: with all maintenance discounts, you can earn much higher rewards every day.

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