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How to get a maintenance discount

As you're already aware, you receive daily rewards for owning NFTs (MR — mining reward). MR is calculated according to the following formula: we deduct the fees for electricity (C1), equipment maintenance (C2), and sum of the discounts (Σd) from pool rewards (PR).
Overall, your daily mining reward is calculated as follows:
MR = PR - ([С1+С2]*[1-Σd])
So what's changed? Now when you click the button "Pay maintenance fee in GMT", you can pay C1 and C2 fees in GOMINING with a 10% discount.
What does this mean for you? It means you'll get more BTC rewards, while electricity and service fees will be deducted at a 10% discount from your virtual wallet in GoMining Token. Therefore, you will receive almost twice as many BTCs each day.

How the discount works

If for instance you have 50 TH:
On 10/25/2022 you'd have received (18,446.9 – [13,835.1 + 2,279.4]) = 2,332.4 Satoshis.
And if you pay C1 and C2 in GOMINING, then you'll get a reward of 18,446.9 Satoshis (18,446.9 – [0 + 0]).
By paying C1 + C2 in GoMining Token, you get a 10% discount. So if you have 50 TH:
  • You previously paid a fee that was equal to 16,114.5 Satoshis (C1 + C2)
  • Now you can pay a fee that equates to 14,503 Satoshis ([С1 + С2] – 10%)
Thus, if you pay fees in GOMINING, your reward is 3,943.9 Satoshis.

How to start paying maintenance fees in GOMINING

Just click on "Pay maintenance fee in GOMINING" in the NFT Rewards section.
To pay the maintenance fees in GOMINING you must have a virtual wallet with enough GOMINING on it. You can learn more about virtual wallet and how to top it up in this instruction.
If your virtual wallet does not have enough GOMINING on it to pay the maintenance fees, those fees are deducted in BTC, as they were before, and the discount doesn't work.
As soon as the virtual wallet has enough GOMINING, the 10% discount will resume.

How many GOMINING you need to pay C1 and C2

  1. 1.
    Go to the NFT Rewards section
  2. 2.
    See how many Satoshis you pay on average for C1 and C2
  3. 3.
    Convert that amount into US dollars
  4. 4.
    Buy GMT for that amount for as many days as you want to cover C1 and C2 in GMT Token and top up your virtual wallet