About NFT

1. Project objectives

We have created an easy way to mine Bitcoin that doesn't require you to buy expensive hardware and dive into the intricacies of setting up and connecting your equipment. The Greedy Machines collections helps you overcome major barriers and makes it easy for you to start mining.

2. What network did we issue NFTs on?

All NFTs from The Greedy Machines collections are issued on the Ethereum blockchain using the ERC-721 standard. In the future, our project team may issue NFTs on other networks as well, so stay tuned!
Our NFT are stored in two collections:

3. What are the unique features of these NFTs?

NFTs from the The Greedy Machines collections are backed by the real constantly growing computing power of our data centers. By purchasing them, you take ownership of a portion of that computing power, which is already engaged in mining Bitcoin. More info on these NFTs you can find in our Whitepaper.
It is largely similar to GoMining Token in terms of functionality. If token holders purchase NFTs for GoMining tokens, they will continue to receive mining rewards in the same way.
For holding NFTs from our collection, you will receive daily mining rewards proportional to the amount of your mining power. Each NFT has a series attached to it that refers to the amount of computing power — XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL.
What's more, our NFTs are crypto works of art that can be sold on any public marketplace.

4. How are The Greedy Machines NFTs different from GoMining tokens?

The Greedy Machines NFT collections are similar to GoMining tokens in terms of functionality: both NFTs and tokens generate their owners mining rewards proportional to their computing power. If token holders purchase NFTs for tokens, they will keep receiving mining rewards as well.
NFTs from The Greedy Machines collections are different from GoMining Token in that the NFTs are crypto works of art that can be resold or exchanged on any public marketplace.

5. What are the rarity values for NFTs from The Greedy Machines collection?

The rarity of each NFEach NFT of The Greedy Machines collections has 11 various parameters, each one coming in different variants. They are:
  • Basement (floor on which the miner stands)
  • Body (miner body)
  • Buttons (control panel slot)
  • Bottom fan (cooler slot on the bottom)
  • Top fan (cooler slot on top)
  • Items (items placed near the miner)
  • Screen (miner screen)
  • Stickers (stickers on the miner's body)
  • UI (image on the screen)
  • Upgrades (body kit)
  • Walls (background walls) There is no strict mathematical ratio to the rarity values. Information about the rarity of each modification can be found here at OpenSea.
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